Deficiencies [noun]

Definition of Deficiencies:

imperfection, inadequacy

Synonyms of Deficiencies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deficiencies:

Sentence/Example of Deficiencies:

On Monday, the Wisconsin Supreme Court found deficiencies in the Green Party’s ballot petition in that state, excluding the party from the ballot.

It is also developing a centralized intelligence atop convolutional neural networks to achieve real-time detection to find more harvestable produce, and detect deficiencies in the farm.

Having very low body fat can come with its own issues—many women end up with hormonal problems, for instance—and it’s easier than you might think to get nutritional deficiencies by cutting out the wrong foods.

The report is one of two new studies set to be filed in federal court this week that found numerous deficiencies in the 3-mile border fence, built this year by North Dakota-based Fisher Sand and Gravel.

Perhaps, they suggested, it was induced by unnatural protein deficiency, or by equally unnatural crowding.

Inspection report deficiencies at The Springs include in 2018 when staff failed to report a resident’s eye injury of an unknown origin.

Overlook the deficiencies of others when conversing with them, as they may be the results of ignorance, and impossible to correct.

Be wise enough not to proclaim your deficiencies, and the critics will go away disarmed, even if they are not charmed.

Our deficiencies, our weaknesses (the sense of them), make us use such care and exertions as to prove advantages to us.

Mazzini found that the notes were very incomplete, and feared that Rolandi would not buy, if aware of the deficiencies.