Defines [verb]

Definition of Defines:

give description

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Sentence/Example of Defines:

The distance between the two pins at each corner now defines the amount of surplus that is to be taken up.

The art proposes to itself an end to be attained, defines the end, and hands it over to the science.

It defines the condition of the individual and the qualifications, the rights and the duties of the citizen.

It defines the powers and prerogatives of government, and assigns to each department its limits and its sphere.

"Sublimitas," misleadingly translated "sublimity," the author defines as elevation and greatness of style.

One would think Buffon had had him in mind in that passage in which he defines genius as patience.

Linnus defines them—plants, the roots, leaves, and stems of which are all in one.

It is this circle of mutual influence within which there is a universe of discourse that defines the limits of the public.

Webster defines a vista as "a view, especially a distant view, through or between intervening objects."

Public opinion, as he defines it, is simply the combined and sublimated judgments of individuals.