Deflecting [verb]

Definition of Deflecting:

bounce off; turn aside

Synonyms of Deflecting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deflecting:

Sentence/Example of Deflecting:

Brady’s screen pass was deflected to the Saints’ David Onyemata, who made the grab for the interception.

It was too high, deflecting off McKissic’s fingertips and into the hands of Giants safety Jabrill Peppers.

Gressel settled the ball, then stabbed a 16-yard shot that deflected off a defender and floated into the left side of the net for his second goal of the year.

Scientists would consult their charts, built on Dimorphos data, and suggest with greater confidence what it would take to deflect the space rock.

One consequence of this protection is that it deflected the Taliban’s aggression to other targets.

Instead, Krvaric deflects and blames the media, the Democrats, or rogue members of his own party.

On approaching the magnetic poles, compasses become sluggish, for the horizontal deflecting force falls off rapidly.

A familiar example of this deflecting force is afforded by the force of gravity, as it acts on a projectile.

The deflecting power exerted by the elastic bond is also increased by its elongation.

The point fell, but Keston struck at the savage arm with all his might, deflecting the blade just in time.