Deformation [noun]

Definition of Deformation:

hurt, harm

Synonyms of Deformation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deformation:

Sentence/Example of Deformation:

The team also found no other correlations between subsequent Steamboat eruptions and seismic activity, land deformation or thermal emissions.

Its structures embrace nearly every known type of deformation.

After the initial location of the folds along these lines, compression and deformation continued.

Therefore the presence of flat heads (artificial deformation being excluded) in equatorial Venezuela is not surprising.

The unital deformation produced by the stress is called the strain, for example, compression per unit of volume.

Now when we say that the Euclidean motions are the true motions without deformation, what do we mean?

And why do we say this transportation is effected without deformation?

According to Lorentz and Fitzgerald, all the bodies borne along in the motion of the earth undergo a deformation.

This deformation of the electrons will influence their mechanical properties.

In particular, this deformation of electrons seems quite hypothetical.