Deformed [adjective]

Definition of Deformed:

disfigured, distorted

Synonyms of Deformed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deformed:

Sentence/Example of Deformed:

The parasite lays its eggs on pupae as they’re growing inside hives, sapping nutrients and carrying a disease that causes adult bees to emerge with deformed, unusable wings.

The deformed gentleman looked very pale, but Ruth looked as if the shadow of death was upon her.

Though short and deformed, his manners instantly redeemed the disadvantages of his figure.

Yes, notwithstanding you could have chosen from the serfs of the seigniory a companion who would not have been deformed.

It is an animal not less mischievous than it is deformed; it is the pest of man, and the torment of other animals.

People were no longer sickened by sloth and surfeit, or deformed and depleted by overwork and famine.

And from the rod or ferule I would have them free, as from the menace of them; for it is both deformed and servile.

All was joy and happiness in that scene, so calm and majestic, which the hand of man had not yet deformed.

Excessively small in stature and deformed in person, he was a general favorite; for he was amiable, witty, and talkative.

Outside the monasteries, there was only chaos, where half the children were born dead, and the other half deformed.