Deformity [noun]

Definition of Deformity:

disfigurement, distortion

Opposite/Antonyms of Deformity:

Sentence/Example of Deformity:

As in the famed Victor Hugo novel upon which the Disney film is loosely based, the plot centers around a man whose physical deformity renders him a social pariah.

William Hay died in England; remarkable for his deformity, on which he wrote an essay.

Also, that which especially exasperates the man of Taste in the sight of Vice is its deformity and disproportion.

The connection, then, between the cranial deformity and some underlying nervous disturbance might be assumed.

As a public force he was no longer a human being at all—he was a deformity, a spectre conjured up to bring fright to the beholder.

Almost any deformity or abnormality these days is called mutantism.

This, then, is the extent of the defect of which so much has been said, and which has been called a deformity.

Always conscious of his deformity, and terribly afraid of becoming corpulent, he was sedulously careful of his person and dress.

Pott's disease, or tuberculosis of the bone, often results in an angular spinal deformity.

Who marks in church-time others' symmetry, / Makes all their beauty his deformity.