Deftness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Deftness:

Mahomes has literally thrown a ball out of Arrowhead Stadium, and his raw power is matched by a deft touch.

Perhaps sealing his fate was an ill-advised TV interview in which he suggested that the GOP’s investigation of the tragedy in Benghazi, Libya, was a politically deft effort to damage the looming 2016 presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton.

As young readers attended school from home, they could take breaks with deft new illustrated literature, much of it almost nostalgically set in schools.

Three days later, the deft attacker was back in the lineup for a Bundesliga match against the world’s best, Bayern Munich.

The retailer’s resurgence stems from a deft mix of better merchandise selections as well as quick, effective deployment of services like in-store and curbside pickup for online orders, as well as same-day delivery.

He executed the movement with wonderful deftness, but a singular condition was against him.

Sooner or later they would leave the room, and sooner or later, with the deftness of his breed, he would enter.

The Sergeant went through the storekeeper's pockets with a deftness that bespoke experience.

He was planing and polishing a heel, but slowly, without that deftness with which Pan Jzef worked.

Val was sorting and folding away her own belongings with a deftness characteristic of her thin little hands.