Defunct [adjective]

Definition of Defunct:

extinct, not functioning

Synonyms of Defunct:

Opposite/Antonyms of Defunct:

Sentence/Example of Defunct:

He and Burns fought for the now-defunct Blackzilians, a team of professional fighters based in South Florida, starting in 2011.

Casey Primozic, the programmer who created the now-defunct app, tweeted his finding in May that he had traced large volumes of traffic back to servers that appeared to belong to those firms.

It started working with now-defunct WPP-owned Triad more than a decade ago to sell ads on its Walmart and Sam’s Club sites, for example.

Another is that, even as an episode of MTV’s defunct teen self-actualization reality series Made, it would feel a bit lazy.

It’s unclear when Greene first recorded the post, but she said she was working on behalf of American Truth Seekers, a now-defunct blog devoted to conspiracy theories.

Whitlock spoke to one of the doctors, who’s now retired and previously ran the now defunct San Diego Birth Center, about having deceived one patient by using his own sperm to inseminate her.

After difficulties conceiving, they told her, they’d turned to now-defunct Fifth Avenue Medical Group, which was also called San Diego Birth Center.

The first truly wild Bitcoin bubble began with a June 1, 2011 article about the darkweb market Silk Road on now-defunct news site Gawker.

“It created a jurisdictional morass,” said Doug Meller, who in the 1980s worked on amendments to the statute as a member of the Shoreline Protection Alliance, a now-defunct environmental group.

In 1997, he founded a similar mentorship program of his own, the now-defunct Youth Leaders International, which included thousands of academic high-achievers, boys and girls alike, around the globe.