Degraded [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Degraded:

By doing so, instead of repeating whatever degraded nonsense they’re picking up from the edge of your router’s limited radius, each unit gets its signal directly from the source with minimal signal loss.

Music, especially singing and the pianoforte, is almost in a more degraded position than painting.

On the following day he was deprived of his office, and degraded to the rank of subordinate to a new steward.

She felt indignant and degraded, and was exceedingly impatient to escape from the humiliating visit.

The crown had been struck from the head of the king, and was snatched at by the most menial and degraded of his subjects.

Oppressed and degraded humanity was about to take vengeance for its ages of accumulated wrongs.

They sent agents into the most degraded quarters of the city to rouse and direct the mob.

And the degraded society, like the robe which once covered the living body, but is afterwards cast off, is faded and corrupt.

Man by nature is degraded, because he is chargeable with original and actual sin, and because he wills not to obey God.

Yet, filled with contempt for himself, he asked whether he did not deserve to be degraded publicly, and drummed out of the army.