Degrading [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Degrading:

As a scholar, Seidule could no longer make excuses for the violent and degrading slave culture of the South.

In England the French ambassador had been the object of a degrading worship.

I could not help feeling how degrading it was to human beings to employ them as beasts of burden.

The priests of Egypt ruled by appealing to the fears of men, thus favoring a degrading superstition.

To converse with men of degraded minds is in itself degrading, at least if you possess not virtue very superior to mine.

They had imperfect and even degrading ideas of the gods, but acknowledged their existence and their power.

But as it is—I must speak plainly—what you propose is degrading to you, and an insult to me, and a rank unkindness to your father.

One came to shrink from using that grand word, so plausible a cloak did it become for much that is mean and degrading.

For her dear sake, you long to be a free man, with power to protect her from the degrading incidents of a slave-girl's life.

She has a mournful story to tell of degrading propositions, and terrible threats.