Degree [noun]

Definition of Degree:

unit of measurement

Synonyms of Degree:

Opposite/Antonyms of Degree:

Sentence/Example of Degree:

So this was seen as perhaps the first known use of this degree to enact a large data grab.

While it’s unclear how exactly Opendoor is now faring financially, shares of competitors Redfin and Zillow—which have also jumped into the iBuying market, though to a lesser degree—have breached all-time highs.

Crop yields, though, will drop sharply with every degree of warming.

After his two years in the Peace Corps, Hastings went back to school — this time to Stanford for a graduate degree in computer science.

ByteDance is in the mix, along with Microsoft, Walmart and other companies to a lesser degree, like Oracle.

That reflected an increased complexity of calls, but also an increased degree of interaction between agents and customers.

To hike the Michinoku Coastal Trail, tackle it from May to September, when daytime temperatures range between 70 and 80 degrees.

There are a number of other public tech companies that provide certain groups of pre-IPO shareholders more votes than others on a per-share basis, though perhaps to a smaller degree than what Facebook has managed.

Immigrants with Bachelor’s degrees are more likely to get naturalized.

The hope behind setting two screens at the same time is that it will maximize confusion and impart the game with a degree of chaos that benefits the offense.