Degrees [noun]

Definition of Degrees:

unit of measurement

Synonyms of Degrees:

Opposite/Antonyms of Degrees:

Sentence/Example of Degrees:

It succeeds best in a deep rich loam in a climate ranging from forty to fifty degrees of latitude.

I then found myself hoisted up by degrees, at least three feet higher than I was before.

The first commencement of Union College for conferring degrees in the arts and sciences.

It is about three leagues wide and is forty-four and one half degrees from the Equator.

The fleet cannot see itself wiped out by degrees; and yet, without the fleet, how are we soldiers to exist?

By degrees the tobacco came to an end, and the Argentines smoked dry leaves.

A purely passive defence is not possible for us; it implies losing ground by degrees—and we have not a yard to lose.

At noon our latitude observed to the South was 15 degrees 44 minutes 16 seconds.

Of the law of nature, made known at first to man, but also made known in revelation, they are in various degrees greatly ignorant.

At noon the wind fell, and was very calm, at which time our latitude observed was 17 degrees 36 minutes 38 seconds.