Dehydrated [verb]

Definition of Dehydrated:

take moisture out of

Synonyms of Dehydrated:

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Sentence/Example of Dehydrated:

I wondered why it was so crunchy until I discovered that there was a beetle inside all the dehydrated peas in the soup.

"Mashed dehydrated potatoes, canned meat and canned vegetables," Carr replied.

The tar must be previously dehydrated, and is preferably deprived of its more volatile portions by heating in a still.

To supply dehydrated vegetables meant the development of an industry.

The difficulty of supply was increased by the delicate process which is required to make dehydrated vegetables.

Reports from overseas made by inspectors of the Subsistence Division indicate that dehydrated vegetables were quite satisfactory.

Dehydrated vegetables occupied a prominent place in the soldier's menu in France.

The skin is then dehydrated by washing with methylated spirit, followed by 70 per cent.

In emergency operations the skin is shaved dry and dehydrated with spirit, after which the iodine is applied as described above.

When limonite is dehydrated and deoxidized in the presence of carbonic acid, it may give rise to chalybite.