Dehydration [noun]

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With the lights in my kitchen still off so I don’t have to face the day quite yet, I listen to the morning’s news or scroll TikTok or just stare at nothing and think about what it says that my succulents are all dying of dehydration.

One thing that I had afterwards that I don’t get nearly as much now, and I know it’s a compounding dehydration issue, is migraines.

If you’ve expended a lot of energy, the most serious of your problems will be dehydration.

Dry air, whether indoor or outdoor, is a recipe for a host of potential inconveniences including dry skin, irritated eyes, and overall dehydration of your body.

In 2018, Armor was criminally charged with falsifying records to give the appearance that staffers had been checking on a man as he died of dehydration in his cell.

This painful side effect of dehydration can be prevented by paying attention to your hydration level.

The causes can range from something as benign as dehydration to much more serious health problems.

While exercising outside saves money in the long run, it presents many health challenges that, if not taken into consideration, can result in serious injury, dehydration, or worse.

So, I think it’s important to say, if wet-dry cycling is important, then we should look for any environment in the solar system that might be able to promote oscillating conditions of dehydration.

Dehydration is effected by transferring the tissues to fresh absolute alcohol.