Deistic [adjective]

Definition of Deistic:

concerning belief in divinity

Opposite/Antonyms of Deistic:

Sentence/Example of Deistic:

He simply testifies to his belief and trust in God—to his Deistic faith—nothing more.

This simple Deistic phrase, "under God," is the only utterance of a religious character to be found in that oration.

But it is a mistake to attribute all the Deistic expressions that appear in his state papers to him.

This principle was at first vehemently denounced as deistic and mischievous, and as especially hostile to the Established Church.

But in 1695, the Press Law was allowed to drop, and immediately deistic literature began to appear.

His work, which though but mildly deistic, was rigorously suppressed, and was reprinted about 1770.

The rise of the Deistic movement may be defined in a sentence.

The theology of the Deistic age is identical with Rationalism.

There is this difference between me and deistic philosophers: I believe; and I believe the Gospel.

Franklin was thoroughly of the Deistic faith of the thinkers of England and France in his time.