Deity [noun]

Definition of Deity:

god, worshiped being

Synonyms of Deity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deity:


Sentence/Example of Deity:

Dissections of her politics aside, Didion will forever be a certain type of person’s idea of a deity—the literary, the cool.

Martin didn’t hear from any deities, but plenty of other trippers have.

Maintaining enough of a belief in the mechanics of the universe to entrust your life to them — something we all do all the time — seems like solid footing, not on the same level as trusting in an unseen deity or other spirits.

These actions tended to follow the same pattern across participants, such as holding an oil lamp or incense stick and moving it slowly clockwise before the statue of a deity.

To that end, Raijin is the deity of thunder and lightning who unleashes his tempests with wielding of his hammer and beating of drums.

In short, he is the creature of this 'Joss'—this home-made deity—to which he bows down and worships.

This is their great mistake, and arises from a misconception of the character and ways of Deity.

It was the case in Peru, where the Inca was the direct representative on earth of the solar deity.

In fact, the highest of these claims, that of the existence of a deity, must lie forever beyond its reach.

Origen, Ambrose, and Augustine unite in prohibiting the representation of the Deity by any material object.