Dejectedly [adverb]

Definition of Dejectedly:


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Sentence/Example of Dejectedly:

On the eve of the Capitol riot, one of his co-hosts interviewed a young man at a pregame rally in downtown Washington who said his whole family had been dejected after the election.

I think it could lend a festive circus atmosphere around our dejected clown head.

Hester pressed her nose against the window and looked out over the river dejectedly.

His stump of a tail drooped dejectedly as he looked at her with big reproachful eyes.

The Cheyennes slid dejectedly from the ponies, and threw themselves upon the ground.

My uncle would be sunk dejectedly in his great chair, his scarred face drawn and woful.

"John, that's worse than I feared," replied the judge dejectedly.

I warn you not to discourage my talking,' he said dejectedly.

"But I did not come here to bandy words," continued poor Jack, lifting his bowed head dejectedly.

"I came here before my children woke, because it pierces my heart to listen to their crying," the sabot-maker said dejectedly.