Dejecting [verb]

Definition of Dejecting:

lower spirits

Synonyms of Dejecting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dejecting:


Sentence/Example of Dejecting:

Simulacra deorum immortalium depulsa sunt et statu veterum hominum deject.

And I alone, of all men “most deject and wretched,” survive them all.

Some names stimulate and encourage the owner; others deject and paralyze him: I am a melancholy instance of that truth.

For one, the worst event of this day, though it may deject, shall not break or subdue me.

I must deject you now and make you listen to me; there is not much more to hear.

This did not dishearten or deject the golden party; far from it.

The things which do not disturb her temper may, perhaps, deject her spirits.

No longer can the outside of things deceive him, or the defeats of the higher by the lower deject, much less overwhelm him.

Adversity, which is the withholding of earthly delights, will not much grieve thee, or easily deject thee.