Delegated [verb]

Definition of Delegated:

give authority; empower

Synonyms of Delegated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Delegated:

Sentence/Example of Delegated:

Their conference was short; but it implied to Louis, that his delegated reign, as well as that of his father, was at an end.

Then she added milk and salt and delegated Violet to beat them some more while she prepared the fire.

Before the King departed he delegated his power to nine Lords Justices.

If those to whom society has delegated sovereignty abuse their power, society has the right to take it from them.

The conduct of the war was now delegated to Q. Ccilius Metellus, by whom it was soon after brought to a successful termination.

Here, power is expressly delegated by the Constitution to the United States.

And yet Edward Henry, though he had delegated everything, had yet found a vast amount of work to do; and was thereby exhausted.

They have, for the benefit of all, given to the judiciary the right to judge of the extent of the delegated power.

Clemens was one of those delegated to receive Grant and to make a speech of welcome.

Thus he delegated the duty of expounding the law to a man who is not a judicial officer of the United States.