Delegating [verb]

Definition of Delegating:

give authority; empower

Synonyms of Delegating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Delegating:

Sentence/Example of Delegating:

Was Anthony Leverett nearing the end, counting his days, finishing up his earthly work, and delegating it to other hands?

Well, that was one of the privileges of authority: delegating fault.

Each one finds out that by delegating to another certain kinds of work he saves his own time and energy.

Hence the necessity for organization and for delegating to subordinate leaders the authority and initiative of the chief.

But in face of these protestations they felt the necessity of delegating to others this part of their powers.

To act consciously in opposition to the delegating power was a breach of trust.

In delegating the power necessary for the execution of its will, it is abandoning none of its supreme authority.

This makes an excellent dessert, delegating to the body much warmth, and aiding in the general digestion of other foods.

Had they been capable only of delegating this kind of work, their powers would never have been recognized.

The parent organization has shown its confidence in us by delegating the work in the Philippines to our association.