Deli [noun]

Definition of Deli:

place, venue for selling goods

Opposite/Antonyms of Deli:


Sentence/Example of Deli:

At the deli counter, these tickets would have gotten me a sandwich.

To capture that diagram, Lichtman employs a machine that can only be described as a fancy deli slicer.

That said, if I happen to have a leftover ham bone, or if the person at the deli counter is willing to sell me one with some meat on it, I will certainly take advantage of that treasure.

Thenceforward, if not fully a man, he is at least a mad-cap or deli-kan.

He presently reported himself from Deli, where he was learning the business of a "nutmace" planter.

Our section from Deli Abbas was moved up to take the place of the one that had been engaged, which now returned to Baghdad.

They varied but slightly; the one I went on the day after reaching Deli Abbas might serve as model.

When I was at Deli Abbas ghastly bands of ragged skeletons would come through to us begging food and work.

The next letter (Deli, March 20th, 1873) was all unclouded joy.

As an illustration of this it is related that during this war the Sultan of Deli elected to pay a visit to Batavia.