Deliberates [verb]

Definition of Deliberates:

think about seriously; discuss

Opposite/Antonyms of Deliberates:

Sentence/Example of Deliberates:

Amidst agonies which cannot be conceived without horror, he deliberates, resolves, and even exults.

Who, when he is deliberating, cares about his own deliberation, and not about obtaining that about which he deliberates?

The latter holds a fixed end in view and deliberates only upon means of reaching it.

At this point the presiding officer of the court ordered the room cleared "while the court deliberates."

Rickman's errors had been the errors of one who risks everything, who never deliberates or counts the cost.

As the spectre approaches, he deliberates with himself, and determines, that whatever it be he will venture to address it.

Mr. G., also a lawyer—I waive the military titles—moves cautiously, deliberates and debates, but perseveres.

The Poet deliberates whether he shall continue to write Elegies, or whether he shall turn to Tragedy.

He must decide at once, not waiting to deliberate and balance reasons; for the youth, like “the woman who deliberates, is lost.”

He was deliberating; and I wish you to understand that in a case like this "the child that deliberates is lost."