Delightfulness [noun]

Definition of Delightfulness:

enchantment, allure

Synonyms of Delightfulness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Delightfulness:

Sentence/Example of Delightfulness:

And its delightfulness ought mainly to consist in those very imperfections which mark it for work done in times of rest.

One of the things upon which Mrs. Thorne laid great emphasis was the delightfulness of cold meals on hot days.

Writers have gone into raptures about the delightfulness of an open-air luncheon or a boating excursion.

She rewarded him with all the charm, all the delightfulness, of which under the circumstances she was mistress.

He owned her delightfulness for a man of Robert's dreamy, romantic, intense temperament.

Irresistibly, he was drawn toward the forbidden recollection of her delightfulness.

Maud's manner indicated that the falsity of the story was an insignificant flaw in its general delightfulness.

The meeting was a good one in every respect; it is not easy to overestimate either its delightfulness or its moral power.

They feel that it enhances the delightfulness of every glass they drink.

I can appreciate the delightfulness of the compliment, for I believe it is sincere.