Delivered [adjective]

Definition of Delivered:


Synonyms of Delivered:

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Sentence/Example of Delivered:

That gives health officials 20 days to get the vaccine into people’s arms once it’s delivered.

Our goal is to deliver as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Next, consider what it takes to pack and deliver the product to your store — or your door.

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Suburban restaurants never used to deliver meals, while vacationers wanting to stay in such areas had almost no good choices at all.

He’d later learn from others that he delivered a sentimental postgame speech to his players, spoke with a newspaper reporter and then went to a hospital in Towson, Md.

Then, bakers drop off the cookies at Uhrich’s home, and one day a week, the two men load up a car and hand deliver them to various locations across Huntingdon, which is home to roughly 7,000 people.

In Charlotte, Ball should have more opportunity to develop and less pressure to deliver instant results.

Hundreds of the aircraft were grounded worldwide, including more than 70 in the United States, and others were built by Boeing and have yet to be delivered to customers.

Partnerships have never been more important to publishers, and the pandemic only underlined the need to lean on an ecosystem of creative and commercial collaborators, platforms and other tie-ins to deliver compelling content and grow the audience.