Delivering [verb]

Definition of Delivering:

transfer, carry

Synonyms of Delivering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Delivering:

Sentence/Example of Delivering:

He was distinguished as an oriental scholar, and died while delivering an oration at the academy of Caen.

A deed should be completed before delivering it, the same rule applies to most legal writings.

Generally the market price at the time and place fixed by the contract or by law for delivering the goods, but not always.

And if there is a delay in delivering, unless it may be a trifling one, the buyer may refuse to accept the goods.

Coronado rode from wagon to wagon, delivering his reproofs, threats, and instructions in the plainest kind of Spanish.

But, I will not press this subject further on my reader's attention, lest he should think I am myself delivering the lecture.

The Rough Red stormed restlessly between the woods and the camp, delivering tremendous broadsides of oaths and threats.

Otherwise, you see you wouldn't be delivering perfectly good sympathy.

This cell will have a voltage of two volts, a rather low internal resistance, and will be capable of delivering a large current.

"I saw nothing until the boys were fighting in the aisle," answered the teacher who had been delivering the lecture.