Dells [noun]

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Drawing her scarlet cloak higher on her shoulders, she bent her steps towards Oxlip Dell.

Now we must go through the woods till we come to the lee of him on the other side of the dell.

And he walked to the window and looked down the steep scarp to where the river foamed in the bottom of the dell.

It is the Chiesa della Madonna dell' Acqua, rebuilt in the eighteenth century.

The trouble is, as Mr. Floyd Dell has pointed out, that the parent wants complete submission and complete affection too.

Wilson paced to and fro, sat down, and then got up to bunch the horses again, walked around the dell and back to camp.

When the man's fire and the wife's tow, in comes 40 the dell and blaws it in a lowe (flame).

For a few months he lived in an odd little Bohemia of his own with a friend called Van dell Hell in a htel garni.

What followed may be told in the words of a seventeenth-century writer on the technique of the Commedia dell' Arte.

The affair was at last referred to the Consoli dell' Arte del Cambio, the two sides submitting their claims in writing.