Deluded [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Deluded:

So if you decide to play, don’t delude yourself about the risks you are taking.

She deludes herself into thinking she has twin boys with Vision.

The simple honest-hearted General, who knew not the guile of their hearts, was deluded into wishing them success.

Let not yourselves be deluded by those who seek the ruin of your province, and of the whole nation.

But I never deluded myself for a moment that I was anything approaching those old-time belles.

I glanced through the letter again, and I felt a warm gush of pity for our poor deluded Liosha.

Yet Mr. O'Connell and his party did not fail to stir up the evil passions of the deluded multitude.

The revenue and the trade were robbed by the smuggler; and the manufacturer was deluded by an unreal protection.

Now that he realized what had occurred, he upbraided himself bitterly for having been so deluded.

Sir, no law can be enacted so bad but that it will find men deluded or base enough to execute it.