Demagogues [noun]

Definition of Demagogues:

agitating person

Synonyms of Demagogues:

Opposite/Antonyms of Demagogues:


Sentence/Example of Demagogues:

If either or both fail to recognize this then a combination of demagogues, political activists and regulators will rush in to fill the vacuum that capitalism and democracy have left behind.

The same cannot be said of the countries ruled by his fellow demagogues who now feign democratic virtue on Twitter.

Devolving nominations to party voters raised the risks of elevating a demagogue.

Just because a demagogue leaves office doesn’t mean the political fractures he left in his wake will instantly heal.

Essentially, they didn’t want a wild man like a demagogue to get elected.

There are limitations to what government can accomplish; there are no limitations to what a demagogue can promise.

It often happens that the people are too ready to follow the demagogue and to repudiate and ridicule the honest reformer.

"If men in these days open their mouths to speak for their human rights it's a disturbance," retorted the demagogue.

It must be ruled either by the weight and influence of the country gentlemen, or left to the mercy of the demagogue.

To divert the attention of the crowd from a demagogue who shouted, 'Clericalism is the great enemy!'