Demanded [verb]

Definition of Demanded:

ask strongly for something

Synonyms of Demanded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Demanded:

Sentence/Example of Demanded:

In September, Metro projected the money would run out by January, but belt-tightening and lower-than-expected service demands and fuel costs have allowed the aid to stretch until March.

Voi, along with Bird, Lime and other competitors in the shared e-scooter space, scaled back operations in response to sluggish demand early in the outbreak.

Kelly acknowledged that the apartment market is softer now than in the past, but he believes demand for apartments will return.

Elsewhere in Virginia, officials in Prince William County said the county’s free testing sites have started running out of test kits as quickly as 30 minutes after they open because of the increased demand.

The problem is that even as the nation’s testing capacity expanded, so did demand.

Aligning teams and maturing with technologyAs a business grows, the demand for content grows with it.

The idea of on-the-spot tests with near-instant results was an appealing alternative to the slow, lab-based testing that couldn’t meet public demand.

Government EV subsidies that had enabled EV startups like Nio to enter the market by bolstering demand were set to expire just two years later in 2020.

Even with the increased demand for online classes, Obé has continued to build out its partnership strategy to bolster its growth.

The platform served as a one-stop programmatic destination, where advertisers could buy live and video-on-demand OTT inventory across multiple platforms and devices.