Demeaned [verb]

Definition of Demeaned:

humble, humiliate

Synonyms of Demeaned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Demeaned:

Sentence/Example of Demeaned:

Had I not demeaned myself like one indifferent to his happiness, and as having bestowed my regards upon another?

The strange household demeaned itself exactly as if things were going on in the most regular and ordinary course.

He saw it enshrined in a room by itself; it should never be demeaned by association with those rusty cadavers he saw about him.

I have lost health, I have destroyed my future, and have demeaned myself!

He's a nasty, low fighting man, so he is; and I'm only sorry that our boy demeaned himself to strip with the like of him.

We are here but to consider how the Reformers, particularly Melanchthon, demeaned themselves in this critical event.

The son of my father has demeaned himself enough already for one evening.

I have never felt myself demeaned by any household task that presented, and cleanliness is part of pure religion.

Even the cabmen demeaned themselves to me as they did to other men, and the very dogs and pigs of old England treated me as a man!

Have the red men so demeaned themselves toward the whites that we could all dwell here together?