Demeaning [verb]

Definition of Demeaning:

humble, humiliate

Synonyms of Demeaning:

Opposite/Antonyms of Demeaning:

Sentence/Example of Demeaning:

This is only an insult or demeaning to people who have a negative view of Romney among Republicans, and the main reason for that these days is not his take on like taxes or deregulation or the environment.

She also makes little demeaning comments about what I do, eat, dress and even how I spend my time.

Indeed, to "go out as a son-in-law," as the Japanese idiom hath it, is considered demeaning to the matrimonial domestic.

Binney Gibbs, however, considered such duties irksome and demeaning.

If it should be so that she had given him cause of anger, how could she make peace with him without demeaning herself?

First, self-respecting ones dislike the demeaning effect of a tip (an occasional few won't take them).

The niece of Michele Pignaver is incapable of demeaning herself with a mountebank, sir!

I spent an hour yesterday with Lady M. getting instructions for demeaning myself.

For my part, I haint no idee of demeaning myself in that way anyhow.

But as a matter of fact both are patriots far above such demeaning insinuations.