Demesne [noun]

Definition of Demesne:

area of rule, responsibility

Synonyms of Demesne:

Opposite/Antonyms of Demesne:

Sentence/Example of Demesne:

Then when all these things were accomplished did Hakon quit Denmark & thence fared forth to the north of Norway, to his demesne.

Presumably their chief duty was to undertake a share in the cultivation of the demesne land.

The Board received an offer of £11,000 for the mansion, demesne and sporting rights over the estate.

That is the royal demesne, and no stranger intrudes unpunished.

The musician was a young man, in a boat, which he had moored beneath the trees of their demesne.

The Desert resumes possession of the demesne which the labour of man had temporarily won for it.

They still remained the free herdsmen of the Pharaoh, feeding their flocks and cattle on the royal demesne.

He flew over the short grass, and as he cleared the demesne wall he heard the pack open behind him.

Shortly afterwards, Redpad was scaling the demesne wall, when a distant rumble of hoofs startled him.

The next evening the White Rabbit worked along to the demesne wall, under which a little drain ran, and crept into the wood.