Demigod [noun]

Definition of Demigod:

supernatural being worshipped by people

Synonyms of Demigod:

Opposite/Antonyms of Demigod:


Sentence/Example of Demigod:

He has become the demigod of the bloated manufacturing, mining, and landlord interests throughout the country.

I have consulted God and demigod; the nymph of the river, and what I far more admire and trust, my blue-eyed Minerva.

With him Alexander was the veritable demigod whom he sottishly decreed that his subjects should see in him.

Parr moved back, as if to allow this young demigod the center of the stage.

Compared with the sordid men around her, with whom he would be an object of supercilious contempt, he seemed like a demigod.

Mamise, however, looked on Davidge in his swivel-chair as a kind of despondent demigod, a Titan weary of the eternal strife.

The wife of Barclay, author of "The Argenis," considered herself as the wife of a demigod.

The demigod of the family seemed to assume this position, but on Ada's part there was no assumption.

An artist is no demigod, as we picture him when we are twenty-three, like you, Elly.

"It's amazing the taste you have," she said, gazing at her son as if he were a sort of demigod.