Demobilization [noun]

Definition of Demobilization:

reduction of weapons

Synonyms of Demobilization:

Opposite/Antonyms of Demobilization:

Sentence/Example of Demobilization:

In ordinary circumstances, the demobilization, following upon the naval exercises, was to have begun on this Monday morning.

Immediate demobilization of the Turkish army except such as were required to guard frontiers and maintain internal order.

Administration was placed under the Department of Justice, and the term was for the duration of the war, including demobilization.

The work in France was successfully continued during demobilization, though with difficulty.

With the Armistice and the demobilization period that followed the "Y" work was rather amplified than lessened.

Demobilization of United States troops ordered by the government, beginning with those in army camps at home.

There remained simply the huge problem of orderly demobilization, of bringing the structure down to its original dimensions.

It was entitled “Demobilization, letters concerning,” and this was followed by a long number divided up by several strokes.

Rearguard Officer of Demobilization (collecting stragglers on route-march).

And the High Command had retained him here to assist in the inglorious routine of demobilization.