Democrat [noun]

Definition of Democrat:

person pursuing or occupying elective office

Opposite/Antonyms of Democrat:


Sentence/Example of Democrat:

While they can afford to spend influential sums on, say, trying to get a Democrat elected president, we might have only $10 or $100 to spend.

DeFazio, an Oregon Democrat, hasn’t yet unveiled his legislation.

Few could have guessed that the Keystone State would eventually become the “keystone” of the Electoral College,34 since going into 2016, Pennsylvania had voted for the Democrat in six straight presidential elections.

Several Republicans and one Democrat said clearly that they supported calling one.

The Senate's top Democrat, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, is throwing his weight behind an economic message that ties climate to goals around racial justice, income inequality, labor rights and a lot more.

Lightfoot, a Democrat, had supported Foxx, and the two later appeared at a press conference declaring they were working together with other public safety officials.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, a Democrat, kept his on except when he was speaking.

It was in writing on these subjects that English writers borrowed the words aristocrat and democrat from the French writers.

He failed to see the editor of the "Fraser County Democrat" and peremptorily closed the incident.

When I came to this country, like the mass from beyond the sea, I was a Democrat; there was a charm in the name.