Democratic [adjective]

Definition of Democratic:

representative, self-governing

Synonyms of Democratic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Democratic:


Sentence/Example of Democratic:

By speaking up and taking action, CEOs can let elected officials know that the business community will not stand by as democratic rights are violated.

Israeli human rights advocates say exports to Hong Kong police should legally have stopped in 2019 when anti-democratic crackdowns grew dramatically.

It’s certainly popular, and at the very least, “democratic.”

The shutdown lasted until January, making it the longest internet blackout ever seen in the democratic world.

It’s worth thinking about these categories both in terms of the horse race and in terms of broader questions of democratic norms and values.

Back in March, McCoy and other researchers surveyed nearly 3,000 Americans about their support for various anti-democratic policies under different scenarios where one party, or the other, was in power.

If you’re an upstart and looking to break into page one of Google, most of these Google algorithm updates should come as very good news because they create a more democratic SEO landscape.

It had its counterpart on the political side in the rise of representative democratic government.

He did this to signalise his disapprobation of royalty, and his preference for democratic equality.

The first was a democratic step indeed, and aroused great excitement.