Demography [noun]

Definition of Demography:

study of human population

Synonyms of Demography:

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Sentence/Example of Demography:

Some digital marketers don’t know the importance of analyzing the demography of users who visit their websites.

Jardina stressed to us that in the short term, demography is not destiny.

I mean, if you think about big changes in American social life — like, if you go to the demography meetings and someone finds like a 3-percent shift in fertility, we’re high-fiving each other in the hallways.

Congress on Hygiene and Demography, Washington, iv, p. 182-185.

A study of the demography, the social, educational, and moral life of the anthracite regions.

Demology, de-mol′o-jī, n. same as Demography: the theory of the origin and development of nations.