Demon [noun]

Definition of Demon:

evil, devilish being or influence

Synonyms of Demon:

Opposite/Antonyms of Demon:



Sentence/Example of Demon:

Maxwell’s point was not that the demon was a lawbreaker, but that the second law was statistical.

A demon is trapped inside of Ha Ram’s body, and its strength grows as Ha Ram’s feelings for Hong Chun-Gi become stronger.

It’s not that the team particularly loves these blood-sucking demons.

I own it all and this is the right response when these demons do digging.

Huhn’s mom, Gail Fogelman, said she’s angry over Fiorica’s actions but she “doesn’t want to portray him as an evil demon.”

Similarly, some efficiency gurus say companies and organizations struggling to build a healthy culture would do well to confront their demons before they suffer an untimely death.

While he was focused on his game and would soon move with TSM to Santa Monica, Bjerg was still dogged by old demons.

A new set of demons had been released into the air and for those already hanging on by a thread, it was too much to bear.

In doing so, Tampa exorcised any demons that may have invaded the soul of the franchise last spring when it was swept in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs by a dogged but less accomplished Columbus Blue Jackets team.

I found myself craving more—much more—granular detail about his daily life, his training and recovery, his personal relationships and inner demons.