Demonic [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Demonic:

Since she’s come home, things go bump in the night, food goes missing, and a demonic Teddy Ruxpin bear keeps activating itself.

Culmination of belief in demonic power of woman in witchcraft persecutions.

He is traveling through an Inferno, seeing its entire demonic brood, which he has begotten, and which he has to fight and subject.

There was a wolfish gleam in the little eyes and a demonic grin on the thin lips.

I am not as positive as you are in the belief that the obsessing agency is really demonic individuals.

The demonic theory of disease, including insanity, is universal among savages.

It implied audacity of imagination, dashing draughtsmanship, colossal scale, something demonic and decisive in execution.

It follows its purpose with demonic tenacity, heedless of logic, contemptuous of consequences.

Against him the unfathomable power of evil struggles with eternal demonic malice.

Goethe frequently refers to this demonic element; and others, besides Goethe, have had experience of it.