Demons [noun]

Definition of Demons:

evil, devilish being or influence

Synonyms of Demons:

Opposite/Antonyms of Demons:



Sentence/Example of Demons:

In the next chapter he gives his twelve disciples authority over demons.

"Without doubt; true demons incarnate," replied the veracious priest.

His name is less romantic than those of the wonted demons of legend and folklore.

He believed in demons, spirits, and dragons, and in nearly every house were idols in honour of the imaginary deities.

Demons—was the horrible word that flashed through his brain like a sheet of fire.

The drifting snow beat against the window panes and the wind without shrieked like a thousand demons of the night.

Within this week the gods—or the demons—have heard my master, for a wild thing from the hills is with us!

They believe in the transmigration of the soul into other men and into animals, and in demons, witchcraft and magic.

The Shawnees were yelling like demons and approaching to close range very cautiously, feeling out each rod of the ground.

My men rushed with yells more like those of demons than men upon the devoted town.