Demonstrable [adjective]

Definition of Demonstrable:

provable, evident

Synonyms of Demonstrable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Demonstrable:

Sentence/Example of Demonstrable:

Why, it would seem to be mathematically demonstrable that that is absurd.

His eyes reflected the precious treasure which manifestly he saw, but realization of ownership had not yet become demonstrable.

List any demonstrable effects of intermittency of streams on fish distribution within the area.

To me it seems almost demonstrable by rational induction that the entire universe must consist of more than two conditions.

Formal Christianity was confronted with a clearly demonstrable error in her theological statements.

The surplus labour of the latter is an empiric fact, demonstrable by experience, which needs no deductive proof.

What is true for one man would not therefore be true—or at least its truth would not be demonstrable—to another.

This Macpherson supposes to be of domestic manufacture, which, however, is not demonstrable.

The first to have attempted a sharp distinction between demonstrable and probable knowledge was Locke.

The mere cutting down of licenses has in itself no demonstrable effect on the evil of the drink habit.