Demonstrated [verb]

Definition of Demonstrated:

display, show

Synonyms of Demonstrated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Demonstrated:

Sentence/Example of Demonstrated:

Gregory's game clear through—he's demonstrated that in different ways since I've been in the Force.

Thus, from sheer lack of knowledge, the public accept the Christian apologist's assertions as demonstrated truth.

It has been demonstrated that labor, capital, all the known forces, are far stronger when concentrated and organized.

How many of the most important affairs of life can be demonstrated by means of the multiplication table?

They are bare, unsustained statements, thousands of which would be far outweighed by a single one fortified by demonstrated facts.

One thing seemed to be sufficiently demonstrated:  our current was so tremendous that it killed before the victim could cry out.

Physiology has demonstrated that the impression is transmitted from the finger-tip to the brain by means of the nervous system.

Their superiority over all other arms for this branch of the service was frequently demonstrated.

Ability is demonstrated only under strenuous competition inspired by self-interest.

His sons are astonished at the providence of God, so clearly and impressively demonstrated on their behalf.