Demurely [adverb]

Definition of Demurely:

in a modest manner

Synonyms of Demurely:

Opposite/Antonyms of Demurely:

Sentence/Example of Demurely:

Bronson’s demure daughter Pearl transforms into a high school belle, landing the role of Maria in the class production of “West Side Story.”

Well,” considered Amy demurely, “I suppose the boys might have known better what to do.

“You will have to ask some scientist who has gone into the matter more deeply than I have,” Jessie said demurely.

In this softened mood she asked him demurely, would he take a friend's advice.

When the service is finished they rise, remove their white head-coverings, and return demurely to their quaint little homes.

Then he invited her to go to the play, and when she refused demurely, he chuckled with delight.

"I have been working for Mr. Trapp almost three years," said I demurely.

"I was thinking to ask you that favour," Mr. Rogers replied demurely.

Eleanor, sitting demurely by the door, had a moment of unholy exultation.

"Unless Mrs. Fletcher gives up her seat," said Jessie demurely.