Denials [noun]

Definition of Denials:

dismissal, refusal of belief in

Opposite/Antonyms of Denials:

Sentence/Example of Denials:

What should be open and shut — an airtight case of inciting an insurrection — has become yet another exercise in disingenuous denial.

The managers, as they indicated, will therefore urge the senators to make the “adverse inference” that his denials laid out in his defense brief are false.

Bryant said the city plans to apply for another round of relief money, probably early this year, but he worries about another denial.

He’s in denial, or out of sorts, or thinking he’ll get around to it eventually, or whatever.

One of the ways we push away that knowledge is with straight-up denial.

Army secretary departs amid questions about the National Guard’s Capitol riot responseBut both before and after that interview, The Post’s reporters had been asking the Army about it, and they received more direct denials.

Judicial Watch sued the county over the denial, litigation that remains pending in Montgomery County Circuit Court.

The purported 5 stages of grief — denial & isolation, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance do not always occur in this linear fashion AND there is no set amount of time for the completion of this process.

Moreover, with JavaScript, there are further restrictions like browser memory, shortened cookie runtimes, and denial of access to session storage.

The commission would need to provide a reason and documentation for the denial.