Denizen [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Denizen:

A few hundred of them appear to be permanent denizens of the disk.

It will be a year of reckoning for denizens of the tech industry as their unchecked behavior catches up with them.

It embellishes the denizen of the city, and hides the nakedness of barbarism.

It was strange indeed to meet a living denizen of a world that seemed to her impossible except in books.

The elephant is the denizen of the forests where, in a succeeding chapter, we shall encounter both him and the rhinoceros.

The solitary denizen of the plains—the little minivet (Pericrocotus peregrinus)—is the least resplendent of them all.

Sometimes this throat uttered Yes, sometimes it uttered No; sometimes it made inquiries about a time worn denizen of the place.

It is fascinating to ponder over tackle and bait and cunning calculated to take this rare denizen of the Gulf Stream.

No denizen of our misty northland, I'll be sworn, but some fair Mexican, with as little disguise as drapery.

The plume of the other varieties is erectile, but that of the San Pedro denizen is soft and falls down the side.