Denominational [adjective]

Definition of Denominational:

interested, factional

Synonyms of Denominational:

Opposite/Antonyms of Denominational:

Sentence/Example of Denominational:

Such experiences as that winter at Assiyut show how entirely denominational differences are forgotten on the mission field.

Many of our denominational colleges are parsimoniously sustained.

In these days of get-together movements denominational leaders should think clearly with reference to "federated" churches.

Denominational colleges should especially be spoken of, and the little colleges of the West and South.

An unseen hand guides her to a chapel, which she would have disdained to enter had she known its denominational character.

But even allowing for denominational deviations, Islam in the mass is truly devout.

The caricature of essential Christianity which is afforded by the denominational exhibit in the village works great harm to boys.

The name of Unitarian is deservedly dear to many of us, who yet will not be shackled by any denominational fetters.

The prayer meeting in Negro colleges, State as well as private and denominational, is a permanent organization.

The nature of the service is very much like that in the denominational and private institutions described above.