Denoting [verb]

Definition of Denoting:

designate, mean

Synonyms of Denoting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Denoting:

Sentence/Example of Denoting:

So many sets of parentheses show up on the latest oil company earnings reports denoting losses that long columns of figures seem to be doing a shimmy right on the page.

The lyrical mosaic of “Etta and Ella on the Upper West Side” denotes a play-builder in her prime.

To try to find that second location, he took pictures, tried to match them to his maps, and marked down the labeled sticks denoting mining claims.

Sixth, the (p. 264) last, is the mark denoting the number of cigars in the box.

Superlatives and all words denoting comparison should be used with stinginess.

By a general word is meant a word common to or denoting a large number of ideas.

Language is an important means of denoting the intricate thread of history in savage nations.

Its substantives are provided with adjective inflections, denoting size and quality.

The same term, denoting to appoint, in each of the three cases is used.

Almost immediately afterwards there came another sound, denoting the advance of a human being.