Denouncement [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Denouncement:

Amazon acknowledged the report and denounced forced labor in a statement on its website.

All of those moves probably helped her in this left-leaning state, even if she annoyed Maine Democratic activists by voting for Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation in 2018 and giving a speech ahead of that vote in which she bluntly denounced her critics.

Then, as later, opponents denounced him as a socialist and a communist.

Sharon McGowan, legal director for Lambda Legal, criticized Barrett for refusing to denounce ADF during the confirmation hearing.

Also needed is a way for whistleblowers to denounce unethical experiments, the panel said.

The drivers participating in Thursday’s protest plan denounce the initiative, which they say doesn’t do enough for drivers.

After all, the president has repeatedly denounced voting by mail, and correspondingly, we’ve seen the share of Republicans who want a mostly vote-by-mail election decrease.

Demonstrators are denouncing police violence in minority communities and demanding that officers who abuse their power be held accountable.

Social media users publicly denounced the company and promised to stop buying Gillette razors.

She did not allow her maidenly reserve to stand in the way of her frank denouncement of the injustice of human and social laws.