Denouncing [verb]

Definition of Denouncing:

condemn, attack

Opposite/Antonyms of Denouncing:

Sentence/Example of Denouncing:

In Paris, Joachim soon found that the royal road to success lay in denouncing loudly all superior officers of lack of patriotism.

And yet, at the same moment you were protesting, and denouncing, and saying those horrible things about her!

Mobs of people filled the streets, wildly denouncing the incapability of a Government which could lead them to such disaster.

John Randolph, a sick man at the time, traveled throughout the country denouncing Jackson's coercive attitude.

But thus denouncing men as criminals who fled for safety from the sabres of assassins, was adding oil to the fire of persecution.

The populace felt that disgrace could go no further, and, denouncing Godoy, besought the King to remain.

Mrs. Kelly was denouncing one of the reputed sins of the province to which she belonged, and describing the horrors of "schaming."

If he really considered the conduct or result of the trial iniquitous, it is a pity he was not more prompt in denouncing it.

A burst of criticism followed from England; press and politicians joined in denouncing the blind and supine colonials.

Their agents went through the country, forming United Irish lodges and then denouncing the members to the authorities.