Denseness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Denseness:

It may be my denseness, but beyond meaningless uniformity, I can see absolutely nothing in this method to commend it.

To penetrate far inland, however, was not so easy, owing to the denseness of the vegetation.

It was the denseness of the English ranks that most vividly struck their foes.

The gratitude in Sally's eyes was made clear to me, and a helpless rage at my own blindness, my own denseness, flooded my heart.

At first he was thought an enemy, who in the denseness of the undergrowth had passed our lines on a tour of observation.

In the darkness they could see nothing, for the denseness of the trees blotted even the sky from view.

For a considerable time the enemy's fire did us no injury, being deceived, I imagine, by the denseness of the fog.

I have no doubt that some of their most subtle mental assaults missed fire because of my own Twentieth Century "denseness."

And standing there motionless he heard a voice calling through the quiet denseness of the fog.

He saw the faint outline of her shadow then through the obliterating denseness of the mist.